The Diaries of Willem de Clercq 1811-1844

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Project justification

The text of De Clercq’s diaries presented here is the result of a collaboration between various persons and bodies. The project management was in the hands of a committee made up of members of the board of the Stichting Het Réveil-Archief (the Réveil Archive Foundation) consisting of Dr G.J. Johannes, Dr J. van Eijnatten and S. de Clercq. Thanks to the generous subsidies from the Kitty van Vloten Stichting, ABN-AMRO and the Stichting Noord-Hollandsche ’t Hooge Huys, the text could be scanned by IDC Publishers in Amsterdam and transcribed by a team of staff members, coordinated by E. Grabowsky.

The Faculty of the Arts of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam dealt with the deployment of temporarily employed transcription staff. Of inestimable value was the selfless cooperation of Prof. Dr M.H. Schenkveld and W.A. de Clercq who were willing to correct the transcribed texts. Without their expertise, the current presentation of the texts would have been impossible. The Library of the University of Amsterdam, represented by Prof. Dr J.A.A.M. Biemans, has, for time immemorial managed the collection of the Stichting het Réveil-Archief with great care.

The digitised version of the diary of Willem de Clercq found a welcoming home at the Institute for Netherlands History (ING) thanks to the kind mediation of Dr D. Haks and Dr J.P. de Valk. Placement on the website was handled by Jelle Gerbrandy (web application development) and Flora Gutierrez Rojas (file post-processing) in cooperation with Ineke Huysman of the ICT Department of the ING.

The project committee also received advice, information and assistance from countless others, among whom M. Stapert-Eggenelding is deserving of special thanks. Comments on and improvements to the text are most welcome. For contact details visit the website of the Stichting Het Réveil-Archief (the Réveil Archive Foundation).

Amsterdam, September 2008. On behalf of the project committee, Gert-Jan Johannes and Joris van Eijnatten