The Diaries of Willem de Clercq 1811-1844

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Justification of the text

The starting point for the transcription was that, in as far as possible, the text should be able to be read one-to-one with the images of the pages of the diaries. The text of De Clerq has also been adhered to as closely as possible, even when it contains clear errors. Where corrections or additions were necessary, these have been placed between square brackets. This is the case, for example, when a correct date has been added where De Clerq makes a mistake. Illegible parts of the text have been indicated as [onl.]. Corrections or deletions by De Clerq himself have not been included in the transcription where it is clear that these are improvements that were made during the writing of the text. Where De Clercq ‘censors’ some parts at a later stage, by, for example deleting the names of persons or possibly comprising passages, the text has been reconstructed and placed between square brackets with a minus sign as follows: [ - tekst]. Where the text in question is illegible, in accordance with the earlier mentioned rule, this has been indicated as follows: [- onl.].Where De Clercq himself uses square brackets, these have been replaced by parentheses.

For the sake of readability, several further interventions were necessary. For example, the sentences in the transcription begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop, even where De Clercq himself does not do so. For this same reason, here and there apostrophes have been added or moved, and the “y” has been written as “ij” where the sound of the letters in Dutch is pronounced as “ei”. De Clerq’s “n” at the end of words is often not clearly legible; in accordance with grammatical usage of the time, an “n” has sometimes been added where it possibly may not have stood. Something similar applies to other, smaller issues. Of more importance are the interventions in the sections of the text written in French: here, for the sake of readability, accents, apostrophes, etc., have been added or changed to create a version of the text that would be somewhat readable for Dutch readers.

Unfortunately, several more ‘exotic’ parts of the text are absent from the transcription such as the documents by De Clercq in Italian and a number of passages in German written in a very difficult to read gothic script. The passages in question will be added at a later stage.

Given that the Library of the University of Amsterdam changed the order of the pages of the manuscript after making the scans, the page sequence of the scans deviates here and there from that of the manuscript as it is now preserved in the Library of the University of Amsterdam. Therefore, the following rule applies to those who wish to consult the manuscript. For the diary entries up to and including 1822, refer to the page sequence of the transcription; for the diary entries after this time, refer to the manuscript description.