The Dutch East India Company's shipping between the Netherlands and Asia 1595-1795

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Details of voyage 4392.5 from Texel to Batavia

Number 4392.5
Name of ship BOT
Master Schuts, Johan Frederik
Tonnage 1150
Type of ship
Built 1768
Yard Zeeland
Chamber Zeeland
Date of departure 07-07-1782
Place of departure Texel
Arrival at Cape 02-12-1782
Departure from Cape 11-04-1783
Date of arrival at destination 19-07-1783
Place of arrival Batavia
Particulars On 31-08-1781 the BOT sailed from Rammekens to Texel. Hence it departed on 11-09-1781; five days later the ship returned, however. According to K.A. 4390a the departing crew consisted of 267 men; during the voyage three of them deserted. The high death-rate was due to scurvy. In 1788 the BOT was laid up in the Indies. Between Texel and the Cape the BOT, the GANGES (4393), the HOLLAND (4394), the JAVA (4395), the SCHOONDERLOO (4396), the VOORBERG (4397), the ZEEPAARD (4398), and the ZEEUW (4399) were accompanied by two Dutch men-of-war. Commandeur of this fleet was Jan Paardekoper aboard the GANGES.
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On Board The number on board at departure. I The number dying between the Netherlands and the Cape. II The number who left the ship at the Cape. III The number who came on board at the Cape. IV The number dying on the whole voyage. V The number on board on arrival in Asia. VI
Seafarers 125 108 80 165 126 107
Soldiers 111 113
Craftsmen 13 6
Passengers 0 2

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