Research Guide dealing with Government and Administration in the Batavian-French period 1795-1813

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Searching for archives

Each description of an archive indicates: the period covered by the archive, its location and the access number or catalogue number. This is followed by a description of the main components. In some cases, more detailed information about the search tools offered by a specific archive is linked to the archive in question. Sometimes, this is a description of an agenda or index, sometimes a complete survey of the available hoofden (headings) that can be used for a search, and in the case of the state secretariat/royal secretariat of 1806-1811, a digital image of the Green Index is provided.

The institutions linked to an archive are also displayed. It is, however, recommended to search for the archives that belong to a specific institution via the institution in question.

This screen is mainly offered to enable the user to quickly retrieve a description of an archive that was consulted earlier on.