The Dutch East India Company's shipping between the Netherlands and Asia 1595-1795

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Details of voyage 0188.1 from Texel to Ternate

Number 0188.1
Name of ship GROTE ZON
Master Jansz., Reinier
Tonnage 600
Type of ship
Chamber Amsterdam
Date of departure 08-08-1614
Place of departure Texel
Arrival at Cape
Departure from Cape
Date of arrival at destination 30-03-1616
Place of arrival Ternate
Particulars Fleet (0183-0188) under Joris van Spilbergen aboard the GROTE ZON.The total number of those on board was 700-750. From 02-09 till 16-09-1614 off the Isle of Wight; from 23-12 till 14-01-1615 Ilha Grande; from 18-01 till 04-02 at S. Vincente; March 21st, mutiny aboard the MEEUWTJE. Fearing the navigation through the Strait of Magellan, the crew returned under command of Gerard Hermansz. van Rotterdam to La Rochelle, where the ship was sold. From 02-04 till 0-05 sailing through the Strait of Magellan. From 29-05 till 01-06, capture of S. Maria; July 17th, sea battle of Canate against 8 Spanish ships (2 Spanish ships were sunk); from 08-08 till 21-08, capture of Payta; 11-10 till 18-10 at Acapulco; 24-01 till 27-01-1616 at the Ladrones; 28-02 till 10-03 at Manila Bay. The GROTE ZON was lost in the battle of Manila, 16-04-1617.
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On Board The number on board at departure. I The number dying between the Netherlands and the Cape. II The number who left the ship at the Cape. III The number who came on board at the Cape. IV The number dying on the whole voyage. V The number on board on arrival in Asia. VI
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