The Dutch East India Company's shipping between the Netherlands and Asia 1595-1795

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Details of voyage 4236.4 from Texel to Batavia

Number 4236.4
Name of ship LANDSKROON
Master Hofham, Pieter
Tonnage 1150
Type of ship
Built 1764
Yard Amsterdam
Chamber Amsterdam
Date of departure 16-06-1775
Place of departure Texel
Arrival at Cape 17-06-1776
Departure from Cape 10-07-1776
Date of arrival at destination 18-09-1776
Place of arrival Batavia
Particulars The LANDSKROON called at Plymouth, 09-07-1775 till 26-03-1776: 21 seafarers, 6 soldiers, and one craftsman died, 25 seafarers and 13 soldiers deserted. The ship was laid up in the Indies, 31-12-1780. The following data refer to the crew of the LANDSKROON as well as to the crews of the BOTLAND (4242), the HELD WOLTEMADE (4247), the ALKEMADE (4251), the MENTOR (4252), the VRIJHEID (4253), the BLOK (4254), and the BOVENKERKER POLDER (4257): 2000 seafarers, 480 soldiers, 99 craftsmen, and 28 passengers departed from the Republic or embarked at the Cape; during the voyage 3 soldiers were sent back to Amsterdam; 1703 seafarers, 334 soldiers, 83 craftsmen, and 24 passengers arrived at Batavia. Data concerning both the aforesaid eight ships and the POPKENSBURG (4238), the ZILVEREN LEEUW (4245), the VREEBURG (4246), the CERES (4249), the MERENBERG (4258), and the WILLEM FREDERIK (4261): 319 persons embarked at the Cape. Data referring to all above-mentioned fourteen ships as well as to the BUITENLEVEN (4248), the DIANA (4250), and the BATAVIA (4260): 4540 persons departed from the Republic; at Duins one seafarer died, 4 seafarers were pressed by the English; at Portsmouth 2 seafarers, one soldier, and one craftsman died, 2 seafarers and 2 soldiers deserted; one soldier deserted at Porto Santo; at S. Tiago one soldier died, one seafarer and 7 soldiers deserted; at the Cape 282 seafarers, 157 soldiers, 31 craftsmen, and 4 passengers disembarked; 46 soldiers went ashore at Bantam; during the voyage 136 seafarers, 104 soldiers, 13 craftsmen, and one passenger died.
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On Board The number on board at departure. I The number dying between the Netherlands and the Cape. II The number who left the ship at the Cape. III The number who came on board at the Cape. IV The number dying on the whole voyage. V The number on board on arrival in Asia. VI
Total 272 12

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